NCC Certificações


Currently, manufacturers and distributors of equipment for the telecommunications industry are faced with complex and demanding regulations in the aspects of quality, performance and safety of the end user and mutual operation of the systems. NCC provides the necessary information to ensure that these manufacturers, distributors and their products meet the established requirements and can compete with quality differential in the market.

Complete package of services: Customers of NCC, which operate in the telecommunication sector, have benefited from our difference in competence and technical experience, so that they can acquire full access to the market, with the brand Anatel (National Agency for Telecommunications- Brazil) Manufacturers and distributors of all kinds of telecommunication products, such as: cables, hubs, routers, switches, stations, mobile phones, transceivers, antennas, among others, can achieve access to the Brazilian market using the programs developed by NCC.
Anatel homologation for the Brazilian market:

Anatel is the Brazilian agency responsible for regulating the Brazilian telecommunication sector. Based on the Resolution 242, the certification of telecommunications products must be the responsibility of bodies specially designated for this purpose. From the certification, approval (release of the product for the commercialization) it is done directly by Anatel. All the products destined for telecommunications chain in the Brazilian market must have the seal of Anatel.

Anatel homologation is compulsory and the products which are subject to it are divided into three categories: Category I: terminal equipment for the use of the general public to access to collective interest telecommunications service; Category II: equipment not included in the definition of Category I, but which makes the use of the radio spectrum for signal transmission, including antennas and those characterized in specific regulations as restricted radiation radio communication equipment; Category III: any products or equipment not included in the definitions of Category I and II, whose regulation is required: a) to ensure the interoperability of support networks for telecommunication services; b) the reliability of support networks for telecommunication services; or c) to ensure the electromagnetic compatibility and electrical safety.